Welcome to the official website of the Old Colonians Association [OCA]. The OCA has two aims: to maintain the history and spirit of Earls Colne Grammar School [ECGS], and to facilitate communication between all former attendees of ECGS, staff and pupils.

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ECGS closed its doors for the last time in 1975, and the OCA is very proud of the fact that nearly forty years on we still have a vibrant, growing, Association. If you are not already a member just click on the “How to join” button.

As the site is developed we intend to allow space for members articles and memories, all of which will contribute to a lasting legacy for ECGS.

Whilst on the subject of legacy we remind all OCA members that Earls Colne Heritage Museum houses a significant collection of ECGS material, as does the Essex Records Office.

Finally please note that there is a page dedicated to 1163 [Colne Valley] ATC Squadron, the last continuing link between ECGS and the present.



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